Sturgis Church of the Nazarene

"Our Church can be your Home"


Sturgis Church of the Nazarene had its beginnings in the early 1920's.  The original building, at 410 South Clay Street, was built under the leadership of Pastor Walter Jacobs, and was dedicated on April 4th, 1937


In 1946 the need for additional room was realized by the construction of a 50 x 100 addition, that housed a new sanctuary and additional classrooms.  It was completed and dedicated in 1952, under the leadership of Rev. James Estelle.

In 1963 the congregation realized the need for more Sunday School rooms and a Church Fellowship Hall.  The Collins Memorial Building, built under the leadership of Rev. Arthur Gould, met the multiple needs of the church throughout the next two decades.  With remodeling projects throughout the entire building, the full potential of the facilities were met and many times overtaxed.

After thorough evaluation, the church board recommended complete relocation, and on November 16th, 1986 the membership voted to purchase 10 acres of land at the corner of South Lakeview and Fawn River Road. On Sunday, December 18th, 1994, under the leadership of Rev. John Shoup, the congregation met for the first time at the new facility at 70031 South Lakeview.  We, as a congregation, continue to seek and develop innovative ways to serve Christ and our Community.