Sturgis Church of the Nazarene

"Our Church can be your Home"

  • Sunday School Superintendent - Angie Hochstettler
  • Classes for all ages
    • Adults have three classes
      • One class uses the regular Nazarene Quarterly materials for Sunday School lessons and is led by John Graybill.
      • A second class is for men and is led by Phil Hill
    • There is a special class for disabled individuals led by Wava Eckert

          • Kids Under Construction (during the school year) Wednesdays 6:00-7:15
          • Summer Camp for all school age children at Indian Lake Nazarene Camp in Vicksburg, MI
          • Led by Doris Tefft
          • Many activities throughout the year - watch the NEWSLETTER for information on upcoming events
          PRIME TIME 
          • Led by Diane Shoup
          • This is for 55 and older
          • Day Trips
          • Dining Out
          • Yearly extended trips
          • Carry-in dinners
          • See NEWSLETTER for upcoming events
          • To be part of this group, there are sign-up sheets located in the church foyer for each event, or you can call the church office at (269) 651-1724 ext. 101
                    STURGIS CHRISTIAN SCHOOL
                    • Rev. John L. Shoup, Principal
                    • Kindergarten through 12th grade
                    • For more information, please click on the following link.
                      • Shelbie Avery, Director
                      • 2 weeks old through 12 years of age
                      • Childcare and Preschool
                      • For more information, please click on the following link.
                          OUR DAILY BREAD FOOD PANTRY
                          • Led by Chuck and Shirley Draime
                          • The 2nd Wednesday of each month we distribute bread and food products to those who come between 9 and 10:30 AM (until we are out).
                          • There is a need based food pantry here at the church. For more information on this service, call the church office between noon and 4 pm at (269) 651-1724 ext. 118
                            SANCTUARY CHOIR
                            • Led by Shari Affhalter
                            • Sing weekly in the AM service (taking the month of July off)
                            • Meet every Sunday at 5:00 PM (except in July) for rehearsal in the Choir Room.
                            • Special presentations throughout the year for Christmas and Easter
                            • To join this ministry, simply come to a rehearsal or call the church office at (269) 651-1724 ext. 2